6 Career Options You Can Get With A Cert 3 in Landscaping

Landscape construction is a subsector of the main construction niche, but make no mistake; it is as important as it is vast. Without it, the home built would simply lack that extra touch, that je ne sais quoi.

A landscape construction expert is one who can assess the externals of a building and provide the perfect ornaments and designs that would bring it to life.

This skill is not something you come by randomly; it is taught, honed, and perfected through practice. If you were hired as a landscaper, it would be unfortunate if you made the client’s grounds worse instead of giving them a satisfactory job. 

This is why it is important to acquire the skill needed under the tutelage of experts in the field. One of the ways to do this is by getting yourself qualified through the cert 3 training course for landscape construction.

Below are the career options you are open to upon completion of the course:

Structural Landscape Builder

A cert 3 in Landscaping gives you the qualification needed to apply for a license to operate as a structural landscape builder. A career in structural Landscaping requires a lot of hands-on experience as well as the right knowledge and tools for the job.

Structural Landscaping involves the building of external, non-habitable landscape structures. These structures are part of the features that make the landscape stand out.

As a structural landscape builder, you will be involved in the construction of fences, driveways, cabanas, ornamental ponds, water features, decks, pergolas, and other non-habitable areas.

With cert 3, you will be equipped with the know-how to stand out as a structural landscape builder. You cannot engage in these structural constructions as a novice; it will jeopardize the finished work. Thus, you require adequate training and licensing before you are even allowed to work in this capacity.

Landscape Construction Contractor

A contractor is an individual who operates as a sole entity of themselves. This means they are not an employee, but can be an employer of labor themselves. They are, in essence, their own boss.

The cert 3 allows you, upon completion, the ability to operate as a private landscape construction contractor, offering your services to all interested parties.

While a landscape builder’s job is to build, the contractor is a step above, being able to hire a builder to execute a contract.

A contractor is contracted for a landscaping job and can either come to do them independently or hire builders to do it instead. This means you are a certified employer of labor once you complete the cert 3 training.

Landscape Construction Business Owner

Just as the contractor is a step above the builder, so is the business owner above the contractor. Upon completion of the cert 3 in landscape construction, you are qualified to operate a business of your own, where you offer services to clients under the umbrella of your business name.

With the cert 3 training, you will be well equipped with the secrets, tips, and rules on how to start, publicize and keep the business afloat.

A good business owner must know how to manage staff, contracts, and income as well as profit. The business model must be instilled into the staff so that they exude the policies and brand identity wherever they go to work.

Landscape Construction Manager

A career in landscape construction management is another possibility when you complete cert 3 in landscape construction. It is not as tedious as running a business or being an independent contractor but equally as satisfying.

A landscape construction manager is one whose duty is to manage the staff as they carry out their own duties on the grounds. The manager must ensure the necessary safety and health standards are strictly adhered to.

The construction manager, also known as the site manager, is also responsible for keeping the project running within the budget until its completion.

Landscape Construction Site Supervisor

Much like the construction manager, the site supervisor is also to be on the ground, keeping an eye on things and ensuring the staff members are conducting their duties within the set safety rules.

When you finish your cert 3 in landscape construction, you are qualified to pursue a career in landscape construction site supervision. The roles and responsibilities of a site manager are pretty straightforward.

Unlike the manager, who liaises directly with the construction company, the site supervisor liaises with the manager instead. 

The site supervisor is meant to be the manager’s eyes and ears to ensure their instructions are followed to the letter.

Landscape Construction Foreman

A landscape construction foreman is a step below a site supervisor, but also well above the regular builders and workers. Their role is the coordination and supervision of the staff on ground.

They can undertake a number of other activities such as training and equipping new employees, creating work reports for the construction manager and site supervisor.

The daily tasks the foreman must undertake are a range of different ones depending on the project. But there are a few fixed ones that are commonplace.

The foreman is responsible for creating work schedules, identifying any problems the workers have or might encounter on the grounds, ensuring work equipment are properly maintained, and ultimately supervising and coordinating the work crew.

All you need to become a seasoned foreman starts by first getting your cert 3 in landscape construction.


There are a plethora of options made available to you once you complete your cert 3 training in landscape construction. These opportunities beforehand were out of reach because you lacked a qualification.

But cert 3 offers you training and qualification to set you on your way to a fulfilling career in landscape construction. Want to kickstart your landscape construction journey? Desire a cert 3 qualification? Then visit us at Construction Industry Training to get started.